Dance Your Butt Off

About This Project

Dance Your Butt Off is a reality dance competition that was first screened on the Oxygen Network in America. Similar to the set up of Dancing with the Stars, competitors are paired with professional dancers in hope of impressing judges and the viewing audience. However, each of the twelve contestants is also hoping to lose weight during the process, making this series a combination between So You Think You Can Dance and The Biggest Looser.


12 Contestants live together in the Dance Your Butt Off house, and each week they are challenged with a new style of dance which they have to perform at the end of the week in front of a life studio audience. During the week they rehearse with their dance partners, train in the gym with their fitness instructors and follow their individual diets created by the dietician.


During the studio performance the three judges will give them a score out of ten for their efforts, then they will be weighed to determine how much weight they have lost during the week. These two results are added together, making up their overall score. The contestant with the lowest score is eliminated. The winner of the series wins R10 000 cash for every kilo they have lost as well as several other lifestyle prizes including clothing and gym memberships.


Dance Your Butt Off promises its contestants a life changing experience like no other – a chance to be Rich, Thin and Famous! Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.



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