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For many lovers, at the heart of legitimizing their marital commitment lies the unification of bloodlines. That means one thing only: the participation of each family in the respected tradition of lobola.


Lobola sets up a contract and reciprocity between two families: a situation where each family is strengthened through their relationship. Mahadi Lobola, now in its second season, celebrates this cultural practice, reflecting all its diverse nuances.


This original South African 13-part reality series, allows viewers to experience all the drama of marital negotiations, unscripted and unpredictable, as they spontaneously unfold between families. The heartbeat of the series is all the cultural nuances that unfold in real situations. Each story is carefully selected for its dramatic potential and the series—as a whole—reflects the diverse demographics of South Africa, against a back drop of contemporary needs and concerns.


Mahadi Lobola was first broadcast on eKasi+ in January 2015, then on It is voiced by well-known actress, Gontse Nshegang, and is now its second season. The production appeals to the general television public of different races, language groups and cultural inclination – primarily 18 to 45 years, across LSM 5 to 8. Follow Mahadi on Facebook and Twitter




All South African Languages

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23 Minutes

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